Clients & Subject Matter

NW Transcription has had the privilege to provide transcription and video captioning services to multiple clients covering a wide variety of topics over the years.  These clients include many well-known entities such as universities, online journalistic publications, authors, book publishing companies, television networks, premium cable networks, movie industry, music industry, video game industry, attorneys, industry proceedings, government proceedings, and many more.

Transcription and Video Captioning Clients

Some specific clients and their relevant subject matter include New York MagRefinery29Military.comPenguin Random House, , Indiana University KokomoUniversity of Notre DameHBOLord of the Rings FilmsHarvard Business SchoolFamily GuyNASAWWEInvisibilia Podcast (NPR), along with celebrities such as Robert De Niro, Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham, Tiger Woods, Trace Adkins, and the list goes on and on.  A small sampling can be seen below: