Transcription Services

NW Transcription provides transcription & captioning services in a variety of different fields, all of which receive the utmost attention to security and detail, resulting in an accurate final product. Our clients are important to us and we pride ourselves on the quality work that we send back to them.  Any audio medium can be transcribed to any format you desire.  This includes interviews, academic qualitative research, formal hearings, classroom settings, events, and conferences, just to name a few.

Below you’ll also find some of the other areas that we provide services in.

Workflow for Transcription Services

A typical workflow with a client looks something like this:

  1. Client sends audio/video to NW Transcription through secure connection.
  2. NW Transcription verifies files that were sent and any specific formatting/output requests from the client.
  3. NW Transcription transcribes files.
  4. NW Transcription sends final products back to client.
  5. Invoice is sent to vendor program or directly to client.

It’s literally that easy!  Contact us to get started with a price quote!